Video show of new collections of ceramic tiles for INTERCERAMA.

The world is changing and the company is changing along with it, so the time has come to destroy stereotypes about what and how Ukrainian production can do. In March 2021, the company launched a series of large-format tiles aimed at interior designers and customers in the medium+ segment. We wanted to attract attention and show something completely new, something that no one else has done in the world of ceramics.

To draw attention to a new series of ceramic tiles, which differs from the main assortment with its designs, formats and positioning. Show a modern factory, transmitting "young" energy, a desire to experiment.


The crisis and COVID-19 are two words that make it clear that there can be no large-scale and multi-budget events.


In June / July last year, Simon Port Jacquemus puts on his legendary shows in the lavender and wheat fields. All the media and social media talked about them in media, making an endless number of reposts and publications.

And yet, the fashion house Chanel is famous for its unusual shows: a casino, a supermarket, an airport, a burnt-out theater, a Texas ranch, a carousel, a castle, a Venetian beach, a demonstration in the form of a rally, a show in the forest. Cases from their show were analyzed by many marketers and we thought, why not in the shop?

The marketing director of the company, Sofia Mugli, decided to implement such a concept in the "show" of new collections, making the presentation a real show with models and tiles at the factory. Such an idea would become a bridge between the production and the target audience. The main task was to attract attention, catch the eye on what was happening and try to surprise.

Due to limitations, the only possible implementation of the idea was to shoot a video, and the idea began to transform. After inspecting the location chosen for the show, the filming director, Gleb Feldman, suggested leaving the simple catwalk, moving on to the fashion-video concept and using several locations and images.
The non-standard location inspired the shooting stylist, Natalia Kondrashova, to create bold images of the models. Each model was a continuation of another model - ceramic tiles in her hands.

Thanks to the whole team for the work done.

Director/ DOP – Gleb Feldman
Producer – Yuliya Sokoliuk
Style – Natasha Kondrashova
Make up – Alyona Savchenko
Hair – Angelina Fursova
Color – Aleksey Zavolokin
Choreographer – Nikita Kuzugub

Aleksandra Kachanova
Anna Gerus
Ivan Zaets
Maksim Babay
Roman Rostovskiy
Anna Vorontsova
Nika Dvoretskaya