Moreca Seafood
Moreca seafood – fresh oysters, mussels, crabs delivery. We created an online seafood store on Instagram from scratch and participated in the development of the project concept.

Stages of work:
  • Creation of brand identity
  • Arrangement and supervision of photo shoots
  • Weekly advertising campaigns
  • Work with opinion leaders
  • Creation of the order management workflow
Prior to the launch of advertising campaigns, the target audiences and several groups with common interests but different age and gender were defined, which allowed to further identify the main audience and reallocate the budget.

In the first month of operation, we managed to obtain revenue equal to the amount of funds invested in advertising x 6.5 (with an average check over 3000 rubles).

Since the company is located in a small town, Kaliningrad, the creatives were changed often enough not to bore the audience. Each week we tested two different hypotheses.
Special promotion at the event
Brochures with qr-codes were handed out at the festival by promoters. By pointing the phone at the qr-code, a specially designed page with a form appeared, where the guest entered their contact information, registered in the system and received a private discount. They also automatically entered into a daily lottery on Instagram. By doing this, we obtained 270 unique leads, which were subsequently used for advertising campaigns and mailings.