Radisson Blu Kaliningrad
Event concept, production, promotion and PR:
  • Creation of the event concept
  • Setting up the marketing budget for implementation and promotion
  • Production of graphic, photo and video content, development of POS materials
  • Work with regional media
Creation of the concept
The first step in marketing planning of the event was the concept creation. It was vital to choose relevant topics that wouldn't only be interesting to the client, but also easily transformable for all advertising platforms & media.

So in 2017, we introduced the idea of a dress party, a carnival, where part of the advertising concept were art posters, created in collaboration with the famous street artist Gleb Mikhailov, and distributed in different parts of the city. Later, the information about the project was published on the official portal of the international Radisson Hotel Group.
In 2018 the main theme of the corporate events was "tropics". The series of promotional events started 5 months before the New Year. The promo included a themed party on a motor ship for the hotel's VIP clients, and later an evening in the hotel with an introduction of the event concept. Photographer/blogger Ilya Sigachov took part in the creation of the campaign.
As part of the advertising campaign we used outdoor advertising (banners, transport), publications in print media and online portals of Kaliningrad. We collaborated with opinion leaders and launched targeted ads.