Since 2015, our agency has been dealing with all areas of digital presence of brands, solving complex problems of the clients. Scroll down to see some of our projects.
Our latest production cases
We are happy to produce photo and video content for your brand: catalogs, campaigns, commercials, Reels & TikToks.
Video show of new collections of ceramic tiles with models in the workshop for INTERCERAMA
The world is changing and the company is changing along with it, so the time has come to destroy stereotypes about what and how Ukrainian production can do.
Comprehensive work on promotion and PR for Street Food Russia
We worked not only on the web, but with traditional media
Selling corporate events – the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad experience
Even such a complex seasonal service as a New Years Eve party in a hotel can be presented creatively. Don't you think so?
Starting an online seafood store on instagram from scratch
460% of net profit from the advertising budget in the first month
How to capture people's attention from another city?
31 applications per week for an online course for young restaurateurs in Kursk and Smolensk. Press releases for local media, setting up targeting and advertisements
Special project for the Business Support Center
Photo, video production and text materials about young entrepreneurs
How to get over 100 people to skydive with an advertising budget of €150/month?
Emotion-based production as a key to lead generation
Comedy show on IGTV for a tattoo studio
When ordinary ads are boring, creativity comes in handy
Wedding celebration advertising campaign for a city hotel
From organizing a ceremony place, to publishing in the media and launching a video targeting
Showing the other side of a burger
Black Star Burger – behind the scenes of #1 burger brand in Russia?
Promotion and PR of the gastronomic festival
We've tried over 50 street food dishes, wrote about it, and got so involved that decided to produce a documentary
Building brand awareness of a real estate agency in Spain
Profile design and targeting set up for leads from all over Europe
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