We produce photo and video content in Bali for your brand: catalogs, campaigns, commercials, Reels & Tik Tok.

What will we do?
- Choose locations, models and crew.
- Write the script, produce and shoot the video, make the sound design and editing.
- Pick up your production and send it back if necessary.
Examples of photo shoots:
In 2023, shooting content on a phone that looks natural and close to the audience is important. We specialize in both atmospheric videos and creative scripts to hit reels and tiktok recommendations.
Мы продюсировали ролики для крупных федеральных компаний, делали звуковое оформление для роликов Vogue, Alexander McQueen, Maison Michel, Dior Magazine и снимали контент для различных брендов.
Продюсирование рекламного ролика «Русские вопросы» для онлайн-кинотеатра Premier
Саунд-дизайн для British Vogue, Angelina Jolie film by Craig McDean Studio
Больше работ по саунд-дизайну:
Converse x Comme des Garcons PLAY One Star, film by SPOON, sound designer Liza Stetsenko
British Vogue, Anya Taylor Joy, film by Craig McDean Studio, sound designer Liza Stetsenko
Dior Magazine SS22, sound designer Liza Stetsenko
Jacques Marie Mage SS22, sound designer Liza Stetsenko
Freaktopia SS22, social media editor, sound designer Liza Stetsenko
Maison Michel, «Rain on the Go» film by Masha Vasyukova, sound designer Liza Stetsenko
W Magazine, Rihanne Van Rompaey film by SPOON, sound designer Liza Stetsenko
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